Homecoming, Halloween, and Baby Pumpkins

Hello, hello, hello!! So yesterday was super long and tiring, hence the late-ish update.

Saturday was homecoming at Butler!! We had been doing homecoming activities all week, and this was the big hurray for it all. Carissa and I had to go to marching band practice at 7:40am, meaning Carissa woke up at 5:45 and Maria woke up at 7:20. After practicing with Muck (the outrageously inappropriate marching band director, “If you don’t know how to dance, ask the black kids!” no Muck, no.) for hours, Carissa went and lined up for the homecoming parade while I went ahead to the press box to do sound checks. We lost the game horribly, but Carissa and the rest of the band did an amazing halftime show.  If you want to see it I am sure it’s on youtube somewhere under Butler Marching Band 2014. I did manage to get a tan that eluded me all summer (yes it was a billion degrees out with direct sunlight) because of the school work I had to finish to officially complete high school.

My sister picked us up and we went HALLOWEEN COSTUME SHOPPING!!! Carissa found “Pink Lady” outfits (Grease 1 and 2) for us, so she’s Stephanie (Michelle Pfeiffer) Zinone from Grease 2 and I am Frenchy (Didi Conn) with the pink wig and everything. Next stop was the grocery store because my sister was making Alfredo for us *yumm* and garlic bread. I picked out a cute baby pumpkin for our dorm room that we named Jo Ann after Carissa’s older sister, but I kept calling her Joanna and my sister kept calling her Janice (gosh darn it Janice- Chelsea that’s for you) so she’s kind of Jo Ann Janice Joanna now? We then ate dinner with my sis and her boyfriend of forever and watched Anastasia! Then Pitch Perfect, then the first twenty minutes of Les Mis, but by this point Carissa and I were about ready to pass out (long day) so we went to bed earlier than we usually do. I was awake by 7 and managed to get some more homework done, while Carissa slept until 12:00 (biotch) and we watched ten more minutes of Les Mis and then they overruled me and put on Divergent, which we didn’t actually finish. Quick stop at Target for birthday cards, ice cream, and then back to the dorm we went! Both Carissa and I were surprised at how much we missed our dorm.

Don’t really know what the lesson to be had here is, but make sure you enjoy your school’s activities. We didn’t really go to many events and I wish we had, but we still had fun! Always do your laundry, make good choices, hugs not drugs, remember who you are, where you come from, and what you represent. Much love.



What’s up guys, how are you doing?

All right, so Maria basically covered it all, but she’s forcing me to add my own comments in here so here I am.  I would just like to shed some light on the torture that was Homecoming morning for me, because that is something Maria could not have known.

Yes, I had to wake up at 5:45 to be on the field by the same time Maria had to be.  Yes, it takes me over an hour and a half to get ready.  And after about the same amount of time spent rehearsing for the game’s performances under 55 degree weather (which disabled my clarinet from even playing and essentially numbed my fingers), we were only given a little over an hour to eat and change before lining up for the parade.  Keep in mind that it’s no longer 55 degrees — more like 80 — or cloudy, and the sun is beating on our backs and all of us poor band students are cloaked in thick band uniforms and giant ugly hats with plumes and believe me, I was dying by the time we finished marching around campus.  Then we got to sit and wait outside of the fieldhouse, in the sun, for about twenty minutes before we were to line up for the pregame show.  AND THEN WE DID THE PREGAME SHOW IN THE HEAT AND I WAS SWEATING SO BAD AND I PROBABLY SHOULD HAVE THROWN UP BUT YOU KNOW THANKFULLY I DIDN’T.

After the pregame show, the horror didn’t end.  We got to sit in the stands and continue to play (but at least we could strip the top part of our uniform off), and then we got to die during the halfgame show again, and even though we got the third quarter of the game off, we had to be back to play for the fourth quarter aND IT WAS POINTLESS BECAUSE WE LOST THE GAME SO BADLY ANYWAY.  Like, I can’t even explain my frustration.  There are no words.  By the time we were finally able to leave that bloody arena, I could smell myself every time I so much as turned my head.  It was awful.

The rest of my Saturday: fabulous.  I adore Anastasia, so it literally made my entire week to be able to watch it again, and the Pink Ladies costumes are fantastic, and Coldstone was fantastic, and Maria’s sister’s cooking was fantastic, and yeah, everything was fantastic.  Now we’re watching Bones, and it’s also fantastic.

So the lesson to be had here is obviously this: Indiana weather sucks.

Have a great day.



“Saa-an-dee!” -John Travolta

Waking up at 11:40am on a Saturday may be something Carissa is used to but I am not. Reluctantly rolling out of bed, we decided to get some lunch with our friends Brian, Tommy, Joe, Noah, and Carole (Ka-roll, ask Carissa). Oh yeah, and Josh (are you happy you got mentioned finally? needy)… After alternating between naps (naps, you will learn, are vital to surviving college) and homework (always get your homework done as quickly as you can- PROCRASTINATION IS NOT OKAY *cough*Carissa*cough*), we realized it was in fact 5:20. We pulled on some clothes, and headed to dinner with our friends (Josh was still with us). Shoutout to the cooks because they make amazing hummus, like damn (speaking of which, I am super duper hungry at the moment).

Skipping to the “main” part of our Saturday night, Butlerpalooza!! Butlerpalooza is a free concert for all Butler University students, featuring really cool people. The opening act was going to be a band called Smallpools (Carissa and I had never heard of them), and the main performance would feature Lupe Fiasco. After looking up Smallpools, Carissa and I decided we were more excited about them then Lupe Fiasco haha. Seriously though, they put on an amazing show and were some of the nicest people ever. I had a chance to take a picture with the lead singer and talk with the band and they are so down to earth! We had to wait a solid 45 minutes from the time Smallpools ended until the time Lupe Fiasco took the stage, and when he did, boy was it loud (Carissa and I had to text each other to communicate). I did die a little bit though because my SOG (student orientation group leader person) came over, said hi to me, and hugged me  *swoon*. We also got invited to a party!!! WOoooOOoOOOoOoOOoooOOooo! Party party parteee, party party parteeee!

After that though, Carissa and I were ready to blow this popsicle stand, so we headed to Lily Hall (arts building) to find our long lost friends. Tommy, Josh, and I stayed to have a jam session (sing it girls), while Carissa headed back with Brian and Caleb (Brian and Tommy’s high school friend-adorbs) to watch some movies. Tommy, Josh, and I decided it was getting late and made the trek back to our dorm. Hearing the sound of Grease calling, we went to Brian and Tommy’s room to find Carissa had managed to persuade the boys to watch Grease (it’s the blue eyes I swear). So we watched that and I decided that Rizzo is Chelsea’s spirit animal, Frenchy is my spirit animal, and Sandy is Carissa’s (look at me I’m Sandra D). I munched on Brian’s animal crackers (yum yum yum), but soon was getting rather tired so I bid adieu to mes amis, and flew up the stairs into the dorm room. It was freezing. Wonderful. But freezing. I was going to wait until Carissa came upstairs so we could write this blog post but I passed out! Not really, just fell asleep rather early *teehee*




Disclaimer:  I apologize to anyone who was personally offended by Maria’s grammar and/or horrid sentence structure and/or flow; she is not an English major.  I say this as she helps me with my grammar right now.  The irony.

– Carissa***


***also known as C-dawg