Homecoming, Halloween, and Baby Pumpkins

Hello, hello, hello!! So yesterday was super long and tiring, hence the late-ish update.

Saturday was homecoming at Butler!! We had been doing homecoming activities all week, and this was the big hurray for it all. Carissa and I had to go to marching band practice at 7:40am, meaning Carissa woke up at 5:45 and Maria woke up at 7:20. After practicing with Muck (the outrageously inappropriate marching band director, “If you don’t know how to dance, ask the black kids!” no Muck, no.) for hours, Carissa went and lined up for the homecoming parade while I went ahead to the press box to do sound checks. We lost the game horribly, but Carissa and the rest of the band did an amazing halftime show.  If you want to see it I am sure it’s on youtube somewhere under Butler Marching Band 2014. I did manage to get a tan that eluded me all summer (yes it was a billion degrees out with direct sunlight) because of the school work I had to finish to officially complete high school.

My sister picked us up and we went HALLOWEEN COSTUME SHOPPING!!! Carissa found “Pink Lady” outfits (Grease 1 and 2) for us, so she’s Stephanie (Michelle Pfeiffer) Zinone from Grease 2 and I am Frenchy (Didi Conn) with the pink wig and everything. Next stop was the grocery store because my sister was making Alfredo for us *yumm* and garlic bread. I picked out a cute baby pumpkin for our dorm room that we named Jo Ann after Carissa’s older sister, but I kept calling her Joanna and my sister kept calling her Janice (gosh darn it Janice- Chelsea that’s for you) so she’s kind of Jo Ann Janice Joanna now? We then ate dinner with my sis and her boyfriend of forever and watched Anastasia! Then Pitch Perfect, then the first twenty minutes of Les Mis, but by this point Carissa and I were about ready to pass out (long day) so we went to bed earlier than we usually do. I was awake by 7 and managed to get some more homework done, while Carissa slept until 12:00 (biotch) and we watched ten more minutes of Les Mis and then they overruled me and put on Divergent, which we didn’t actually finish. Quick stop at Target for birthday cards, ice cream, and then back to the dorm we went! Both Carissa and I were surprised at how much we missed our dorm.

Don’t really know what the lesson to be had here is, but make sure you enjoy your school’s activities. We didn’t really go to many events and I wish we had, but we still had fun! Always do your laundry, make good choices, hugs not drugs, remember who you are, where you come from, and what you represent. Much love.



What’s up guys, how are you doing?

All right, so Maria basically covered it all, but she’s forcing me to add my own comments in here so here I am.  I would just like to shed some light on the torture that was Homecoming morning for me, because that is something Maria could not have known.

Yes, I had to wake up at 5:45 to be on the field by the same time Maria had to be.  Yes, it takes me over an hour and a half to get ready.  And after about the same amount of time spent rehearsing for the game’s performances under 55 degree weather (which disabled my clarinet from even playing and essentially numbed my fingers), we were only given a little over an hour to eat and change before lining up for the parade.  Keep in mind that it’s no longer 55 degrees — more like 80 — or cloudy, and the sun is beating on our backs and all of us poor band students are cloaked in thick band uniforms and giant ugly hats with plumes and believe me, I was dying by the time we finished marching around campus.  Then we got to sit and wait outside of the fieldhouse, in the sun, for about twenty minutes before we were to line up for the pregame show.  AND THEN WE DID THE PREGAME SHOW IN THE HEAT AND I WAS SWEATING SO BAD AND I PROBABLY SHOULD HAVE THROWN UP BUT YOU KNOW THANKFULLY I DIDN’T.

After the pregame show, the horror didn’t end.  We got to sit in the stands and continue to play (but at least we could strip the top part of our uniform off), and then we got to die during the halfgame show again, and even though we got the third quarter of the game off, we had to be back to play for the fourth quarter aND IT WAS POINTLESS BECAUSE WE LOST THE GAME SO BADLY ANYWAY.  Like, I can’t even explain my frustration.  There are no words.  By the time we were finally able to leave that bloody arena, I could smell myself every time I so much as turned my head.  It was awful.

The rest of my Saturday: fabulous.  I adore Anastasia, so it literally made my entire week to be able to watch it again, and the Pink Ladies costumes are fantastic, and Coldstone was fantastic, and Maria’s sister’s cooking was fantastic, and yeah, everything was fantastic.  Now we’re watching Bones, and it’s also fantastic.

So the lesson to be had here is obviously this: Indiana weather sucks.

Have a great day.




Hello, hello!! Carissa is doing homework right now (I finished 80% of my homework that is due on Monday lol), but I figured I should give you guys an update since it has been a while:

  • So I am now the announcer for the Butler University Marching Band!! Which means bonding time for Carissa and Maria (as if we need any more time together).
  • Carissa hates doing homework (what’s new)
  • I’ve gained weight because everyone keeps sending us candy haha
  • We are hanging out with my sister this weekend (going halloween shopping and then watching Anastasia– yaasss)
  • I still want an animal of some kind to live with us (I even tried befriending a couple of squirrels, turns out they don’t really like me…)
  • Carissa got herself a cute hat that she has been pining after for the past few weeks
  • We still haven’t gone to a party (we were going to go to this paint party that my insanely attractive SOG invited us to, but I chose to do homework instead, yes homework on a Saturday night, stop judging)
  • I bought my parents two shirts each, the most perfect little baby sweater for my favorite baby, and I got myself a hat!! I still have more presents to buy so stop grumbling (you know who)
  • The weather can’t make up it’s mind
  • I don’t think I have any more updates…

Hope all is well with everyone, comment if you want a post on something specific, we will try to update Saturday- fingers crossed!!



Plants vs Planets *duhduhduuuuhhh*

What’s up guys, how are you doing?

I’m going to come right out and say this so that there is no question or doubt or confusion left in your mind whatsoever: you will not enjoy all of your classes.  It’s the cold, hard truth.  And it was unfortunately something that I was painfully ignorant of until I attended my first “World of Plants” class, which was, in all its entirety, the worst class that has ever existed.  I’m not going to go into detail about it, because even those details will make your brain cells want to commit suicide, but just take my word for it.  It was capital-A Awful.

On the other hand, the general rule of thumb is that the courses in college that you’ll take will not only be more beneficial to your specific field of interest, they’ll also be — roughly — eight times out of ten much more enjoyable than the ones you’ll have taken in high school.  That being said, though, I have to admit that Butler is a rather small university compared to others that you might attend, so we have small class sizes, smaller departments, and a really tight-knit campus.  I’d say that’s a rare thing, but in all honesty, I’ve no idea.  But here, you’ll essentially get to know everyone in all of your classes by name because the average class size is eighteen, I believe?  That’s not the case everywhere else.  However, the “general rule of thumb” I’d stated above still stands wherever you go.

I am an English Writing Major, which means my courses are going to mostly be made up of creative writing and literature courses.  There are also, obviously, the core curriculum classes you’re required to take throughout your four years.  This is what my schedule was made up of originally: Marching Band (BUMB), Contemporary Writers (my First Year Seminar, or FYS), Intro to British Literature, Poetry, Robot Programming, and World of Plants.  Our first day of classes was a Wednesday, which meant that the first class I had that day was World of Plants, and let me just say this: not a single person in that class actually wanted to be there.  Including me.  Needless to say, I ended up dropping that course.

I’m going to tell you why.  The professor was dull, stuttered, mumbled, was monotonous, and her teaching ethic was the worst I’d ever witnessed.  I knew I wouldn’t learn a single thing from her, and we were going to spend the entire semester learning about the trees on campus, so I’m sorry, but I know I’m not the only one who couldn’t care less about what kind of trees I walked past everyday.  The room that the class was held in was so white and blinding and I couldn’t concentrate on the white board where the professor projected powerpoints because, you know, she wouldn’t turn any lights off.  It wasn’t a good learning environment, and I’d only taken the class because it would count as my science credits (one of the core curriculum credits I need to graduate).  Believe me when I say that I didn’t even feel a little bad when I dropped it.  I’ll just take Astronomy next semester (which I’m actually interested in anyway).

My Robot Programming class is the one I thought I’d hate the most.  I took it for my math credits without even realizing what it’d actually entail, and after the first few class periods I was positive that I was going to hate my life every Tuesday and Thursday afternoon from 3:50 to 5:05 PM.  It turned out not to be so bad; each student was given their own robot (mine’s name is Maurice and he is adorable), the professor doesn’t actually have his doctorate yet, which means he’s young and not all too concerned if he bends the rules a little.  We get out early most often in that class than in any other of my classes.  Nearly the entire class is taught on our laptops, so, I mean, I’d be lying if I told you I never had anything other than our coursework open (like Wattpad, Instagram, Facebook, etc.).

My favorite class is surprisingly my FYS, Contemporary Writers.  An FYS is required for all freshmen to take at Butler, and many students just chose one with an interesting title (examples: Sympathy for the Devil, Scary Stories, Utopian Experience in Life and Literature, Rock and Roll High School, The Call of the Wild, etc.) (yes those are all actual year-long seminars, and there are weirder ones that I haven’t listed).  I happened to choose one that would not only be interesting to me as a lover of all things contemporary, but one that would actually relate to the other classes I have to take for my major.  It makes life a whole lot easier when you’re taking five English classes rather than one English class, two science classes, a math class, and a foreign language class.  Obviously, I’m going to have to take classes other than ones that deal with my major, but I thought that for my first semester, I’d organized my schedule pretty nicely.

Poetry and British Literature are enjoyable solely because, as you can probably already tell, I love English.  And creative writing.  So Poetry falls into the latter category, and I have to admit, I was sort of terrified about this class at first.  While I consider myself a pretty decent creative writer when dealing with novels or short stories or even prose, I cannot, nor have I ever been able to, write actual poems.  I think I’m awful at it, and that’s always upset me because if I’m a creative writing type of person, why can’t I do it in all applicable fields?  Why can’t I write poetry?  It’s something that’s always bothered me, but my professor for this class is fantastic and energetic and funny and basically hipster (for lack of a better term), and I really enjoy it.  British Literature is a lot duller, and as I said, I’m a lover of all things contemporary which is not, exactly, what this class is about.  It counts toward my major though, the professor isn’t horrible or even bad, and I can deal with it.  It’s not my favorite, but I can deal with it (if anyone’s a master on, say, Tom Jones or Beowulf, hit me up).

And then there’s BUMB.  Ahh, Marching Band.  This one’s hard to explain.  I love it, but I hate it at the same time.  As nerdy as this may sound, I really love playing an instrument.  I mean, I hate that my instrument of choice is a clarinet, but at the same time, I can tolerate it because it’s so much fun to be able to make music with something.  The part about BUMB that I hate is the actual marching part.  My high school never had a marching band; we had a pep band and a concert band, but those are obviously very different things.  I knew that this course was meant to cover our PWB (Physical Well-Being) credit, but I’d underestimated what I was in store for.  It’s a lot of work, I had zero experience, and I am still trying to figure out how to walk and march at the same time (forwards, backwards, sideways, and angled strangely).  It’s a work in progress.  And sometimes I really really hate it.  But at the same time, I don’t think I’d drop it if given the chance.

Wow, so there’s everything you never wanted to know about my schedule.  Long story short, you might hate one or more of your classes (World of Plants…).  You might love them (Contemporary Writers).  But refer back to my “general rule of thumb,” because I didn’t just make that up.  It’s been told to me by several other people I personally and don’t personally know who have been through college already.

To ensure the best schedule you could possibly have, I recommend figuring out when you’re able to enroll in classes and then getting to it as soon as possible.  The best classes fill up the quickest.  I made the mistake of waiting to register until a month and a half after the window first opened, and that left me with World of Plants instead of Astronomy and Robot Programming instead of any other math class that sounded more appealing (I’m not complaining, though).  Again, register for classes as soon as humanly possible.

I hope you all have a mighty fine day.

– Carissa

Even as a mega nerd, I have a difficult time enjoying my classes (okay so only one bugs me), but that’s not for the lack of trying. When I signed up for my first semester classes, I purposely picked classes I knew I would enjoy because I didn’t want a horrid first semester of college (ballet, art, FYS: endangered languages, international studies, astronomy, and French). To say I was excited was a major understatement.

I didn’t really know how I would feel about astronomy just because I am not the best at math, and astronomy requires physics and stuff (even though my dad says I should be a math major- GOOD ONE DAD). The one class I thought I would immediately love has been the one class I haven’t enjoyed. Not one iota. Which is quite upsetting considering I moved other things to fit that class specifically. Endangered language seminar. Sounds really cool, right? Okay, well it sounds swell to me *sticks out tongue* It’s not the subject, more like the lack of energy in the class and the downright dullness of the teacher (Chelsea, you know what I’m saying in my head). Just like you have classes you won’t enjoy because it’s a bad class, you’ll have classes you won’t enjoy because of the teacher/professor. That’s just the way things work. College doesn’t automatically mean fantastic professors; although they usually are better overall, there can still be some soggy chips at the bottom of the bag. Sometimes, like Carissa, you drop out because you can’t stand it. I’m suffering through it because one, it’s required to take a first year seminar and it’s too late to switch, and two I am really fascinated by endangered languages. So while dropping is an option, sucking it up is another one. It means you’ll be annoyed by that class, but you will feel proud of yourself by the end of it.

So I know you didn’t ask but here’s an update on my other classes. Ballet is kicking my ass. It’s hard, my thighs are super mad at me for it, and I wish I could wear a tutu, but I am excited about the possibility of toned legs (woo)! Art is a lot of fun, just because there are less guidelines for college art classes than high school (even though my high school art teacher was amazing). Right now I am making 3 watercolor postcards of a cigarette on an ashtray with three different color schemes. If they turn out swell, I will post pictures (let me know if you want to see). International studies is the epitome of perfection. Astronomy is blowing my mind in a great way (my professor is so liberal and hilarious). French is a joy as always.  My professor is from France and is just an adorable little man (who is probably younger than my parents but he seems so much older haha).

To sum what I said up because I know I ramble: college is fun, the classes are top notch, but sometimes they make you want to scream at a squirrel. Having supportive friends is always smart, and remember that working hard will get you places. Unless you seem too smart then your professors think you are cheating. Then you’ll get confronted and expelled. And you’ll never get a job ever. And you’ll DIE.

That was a joke. Kind of. Please laugh. I think I’m pretty funny (got the ‘slaying’ gene from my dad too).

Alrightie-O I hoped that helped, and any other questions can be emailed or commented! What kind of subject do YOU want us to address?? Comment comment comment 🙂



Bros vs. Hoes

What’s up guys, how are you doing?

Part of the pre-college experience includes deciding whether you want to spend a solid seventy-five percent of your time living with loads of girls or living with boys and girls (unless you’re a boy, then, I mean, you’d have to choose between living with all boys and living with girls and boys).  But there are many misconceptions that go along with making this decision, and some of them actually almost swayed me into choosing something other than what I ended up choosing.

Let me address those misconceptions.  Perhaps you’ve heard that any girl who decides to live in a co-ed dorm is obviously only doing so for easy access to boys for reasons that I’m sure you can imagine yourself.  Perhaps you’ve also heard that the girls who choose to live in an all-girls dorm only do so because they think they’re better than other girls.  I can’t speak for misconceptions about guys’ living arrangements (if there even are any) because I’m obviously not male, but I’m sure they’d be something similar to the ones girls face.  Either way, I can assure you that neither of those assumptions are true in most cases.  Sure, occasionally you’ll come across a girl who really is only in a co-ed dorm for the sole purpose of hooking up with as many guys as she possibly can.  And it’s very possible that a girl or two you meet in an all girls dorm hall will just be an awful person.  Unfortunately, those girls exist.  You can’t always avoid them.

My point, though, is that by no means are you actually going to be considered a bad person for whichever decision you make.  Here at Butler University, the co-ed freshman dorm is called Ross Hall, and the all girls dorm is Schwitzer.  Maria and I live in Ross, and guess what?  We’re called “Rosstitutes.”  Nice, right?  It’s okay, the girls in Schwitzer are called “Schwitz B*tches.”  You will literally never avoid the misconceptions, but they’re not true.  Despite the awful nicknames, we all know it’s just fun and games.  We all hang out with each other, we all get along, and the girls in Schwitzer still come to Ross to hang out with the boys the same way we just have to go to the bottom floors to hang out with them.  Don’t let anything sway you when making your decision, because no matter where you choose to live, you’ve got to be comfortable there, and that’s all that matters.

I’ll tell you why I chose to live in a co-ed dorm.  I don’t know if my thought process will help you any, but if there’s even a possibility that it could, then I’m good with that.  Basically, I am that girl who doesn’t get along with girls.  Not even that, exactly, but I just…I can’t relate well with them, I think, because of my background.  The only girls I normally ever really get along with are ones who, you know, bow hunt and go mudding in the summer and fishing and who climbed trees when they were younger and who play King of the Raft in the middle of lakes with their guy friends.  So the obvious problem with that is that there are very few girls like that, especially here in Indianapolis.  And I just don’t relate well normally with girls who dress like they’re going to church every day and who straighten or curl their hair relentlessly and who seek out attention from everyone they come into contact with in a day (my friendship with Maria is a very unusual thing; we’ve discussed it already).

Based on that information, I’m sure you can understand why I’d choose to live in Ross Hall.  I’m more comfortable with guys, I understand their humor, I get along with them.  We generally tend to enjoy the same things (apart from, you know, the obvious things) (and videogames).  So why would I want to live in an all girls dorm if I knew that I wouldn’t do well there?  I mean, there are girls here too.  Girls live on the third floor while the bottom two floors plus the basement are boys’ rooms, which means we have to have our own key to even get on our floor.  Boys aren’t allowed up unless they’re escorted by a girl (keep in mind that this system is different for other colleges, but this is how Butler works).  So it’s not like guys just roam the halls and we’re the minority ducking for cover or anything like that.  I haven’t even actually met a guy yet who wasn’t fantastically polite and kind; they hold the doors open for you, thank you when you do it for them, etc.  Ross Hall has literally not met any of those ridiculous misconceptions yet.

As for Schwitzer Hall, I obviously can’t say that I personally know what it’s like living there, but I’ve got two friends (hey Chelsea, what’s up Alexis) who do.  Neither of them have had a single thing to complain about yet other than the fact that those girls don’t seem to use their basement’s facilities the way that we do here at Ross.  And the basements in the freshman dorms contain pool tables and ping pong tables and large TVs and other things that provide entertainment for us, as well as laundry rooms and sinks and vending machines and whatnot.  Which, I mean, it’s pretty understandable.  Guys generally tend to enjoy those kinds of things more than girls do, and Maria and I (as well as a few other Ross girls) must just be the exception, because by the end of the year we’re going to be champs at pool.

Okay maybe I wouldn’t go that far.

But anyway, there you have it.  Make the choice based on what will make you most comfortable, not what you’ve heard about each option.  Because if you’re like me and your hundreds of miles away from home, the last thing you need is to be uncomfortable with where you live.

Take care!



I also chose Ross for many of the same reasons Carissa did; less drama, guys are easier to get along with, etc. But I did choose Ross just because I thought it would be funny to tell my dad I would be living in a co-ed dorm (love you daddy:*)



Homesickness or the lack thereof

What’s up guys, how are you doing?

We already posted today, but it was more of an update on what we’ve been up to as opposed to anything that could really be very beneficial to you, so here we are again to address homesickness.  Or lack thereof.

While Maria and I are pretty alike in a surprising amount of ways, we do differ in that she has been missing home since arriving here, and honestly, I have not.  It is totally normal for a college freshman to feel either way despite how often you might hear otherwise.  Yeah, a lot of people become homesick in the first few weeks of college.  The school itself will probably warn everyone about that beforehand during one of many meetings you’ll attend as an incoming freshman.  But a lot of people react completely different, and I happen to fall into that category.

It’s not that I don’t miss my parents or siblings (which is what they have taken to teasing me about), because obviously I do.  I miss Maria as soon as I don’t see her for half a day, so honestly, they’re sort of crazy for believing otherwise.  I do not, however, have this sickening longing to return to the place I came from anytime soon.  I needed a break, I needed a fresh start, and I needed new faces.  I have that here, and I’m happy.  And when I go home for the first time in November for Thanksgiving break and see all of my aunts, uncles, cousins, friends, parents, siblings, and my dog, I know that I will be happy to see them and all will be well. 

That’s the mindset I’ve upheld since getting here a little over two weeks ago, and it’s only wavered once.  

I’m going to remind you of the small town that I came from in Wisconsin so that you can keep that in mind.  That small town was mainly made up of Catholics and Lutherans (fundamentalist Lutherans, I should say), and that is literally all I’ve ever known.  So you can imagine the culture shock I experienced when I showed up at Butler University where my freshman class’s population is greater than my town’s population, and I’ve yet to find anyone who even believes mildly the same thing I do.  Where they call it “creationism” instead of simply “Creation.”  Where I thought I was prepared for my faith to be challenged but, in reality, couldn’t have been less prepared.

And that is what sort of attacked that great mindset I’d had.  It was nothing huge: just one night with some friends who were debating about I don’t even remember what, and all I could do was sit with my mouth shut because all of a sudden I felt like the only person in existence on the entire campus.  I’ll probably never be able to describe exactly what I began to feel, but I had never felt so lonely since arriving here.  Back home, everyone believed the same things I did.  We all believed in God, we believed in Creation, we didn’t believe in evolution, etc.  We could always freely talk about it without feeling singled out in any way.  That’s not how things are here, and basically, it was a rough wake-up call.  

I spent the entire night trying to come to terms with that, and I got eleven hours of sleep that night, which, you know, was good.  But I can honestly say that that night, I was very homesick.  Other than that moment, though, not so much.

So my point is that it will be different for everybody, and even if you relate more with me than you do with what Maria has to say, you still might have moments just like I did.  It’s normal.  Being homesick is normal.  Not being homesick is normal.  There is nothing wrong with you either way.


P.S. C-Dawg is not a thing.

– Carissa




*tink tink* hello!! 

Okay, so homesickness. Yuck. Let me preface this by saying I am a homebody. As previously mentioned, I spent most of my weekends hanging out with my parental units. I rarely went out with friends, and when I did I always wanted to be home before too late so I could say goodnight to my mum and dad (and my pup of course!!!!!!). So I was aware that college was going to be a slight if not severe struggle for me.

One of the reasons I picked Butler, though, was because I am only 5 and a half hours away from home- twenty minutes away from my sis. At first, I just thought of this as a summer camp (still kinda do), but now I am beginning to realize that I won’t see my parental units and my pup until October. MIDDLE OF OCTOBER!? To say it’s been a little rough is definitely an understatement. I have been getting mail frequently (I love mail), and I talk to them on the phone often enough, but it isn’t the same as seeing them in person.

I’ve been occupied most of the time though, so that’s a good distraction. There are times when I am happy to be away from them and experience this semi-freedom. I don’t have a bed time? I don’t have to eat veggies (I totally still eat veggies, love me some veggies)? I don’t have to do anything I don’t want to do. Does that mean I constantly make rash decisions like stay out all night, eat nothing but junk, not do my homework, sleep through class? Hell no. 

It hasn’t been as hard on Carissa, mostly because she left home precisely to get away and experience life. A few days ago in the cafeteria was a serious slap in the face to her, one I couldn’t necessarily relate to on that kind of level. She’s a strong girl though, and was able to rub it off after drowning in music while her roomie (me *jazz hands*) gave her space by leaving her to herself for two hours.To be honest though, that’s the kind of person I am. I have separation anxiety- so like Carissa mentioned, I miss her when she doesn’t get home until 8:30 on Wednesdays. Therefore the fact that I miss my parents is not surprising, what is surprising is the fact that I haven’t started crying from missing them so much. So go me! 

Regardless, homesickness or lack thereof is unique to each person. Some people may be homesick but not so homesick that they cry, while some may bawl because they miss home so much. Some may not care when they will see their parents next, and some could miss them but not be homesick. Truth is, you may not really know until you experience it for yourself.

Hope this helps, feel free to contact Carissa and/or me for anymore questions or requests for topics to cover.




P.S. C-dawg IS a thing

“Saa-an-dee!” -John Travolta

Waking up at 11:40am on a Saturday may be something Carissa is used to but I am not. Reluctantly rolling out of bed, we decided to get some lunch with our friends Brian, Tommy, Joe, Noah, and Carole (Ka-roll, ask Carissa). Oh yeah, and Josh (are you happy you got mentioned finally? needy)… After alternating between naps (naps, you will learn, are vital to surviving college) and homework (always get your homework done as quickly as you can- PROCRASTINATION IS NOT OKAY *cough*Carissa*cough*), we realized it was in fact 5:20. We pulled on some clothes, and headed to dinner with our friends (Josh was still with us). Shoutout to the cooks because they make amazing hummus, like damn (speaking of which, I am super duper hungry at the moment).

Skipping to the “main” part of our Saturday night, Butlerpalooza!! Butlerpalooza is a free concert for all Butler University students, featuring really cool people. The opening act was going to be a band called Smallpools (Carissa and I had never heard of them), and the main performance would feature Lupe Fiasco. After looking up Smallpools, Carissa and I decided we were more excited about them then Lupe Fiasco haha. Seriously though, they put on an amazing show and were some of the nicest people ever. I had a chance to take a picture with the lead singer and talk with the band and they are so down to earth! We had to wait a solid 45 minutes from the time Smallpools ended until the time Lupe Fiasco took the stage, and when he did, boy was it loud (Carissa and I had to text each other to communicate). I did die a little bit though because my SOG (student orientation group leader person) came over, said hi to me, and hugged me  *swoon*. We also got invited to a party!!! WOoooOOoOOOoOoOOoooOOooo! Party party parteee, party party parteeee!

After that though, Carissa and I were ready to blow this popsicle stand, so we headed to Lily Hall (arts building) to find our long lost friends. Tommy, Josh, and I stayed to have a jam session (sing it girls), while Carissa headed back with Brian and Caleb (Brian and Tommy’s high school friend-adorbs) to watch some movies. Tommy, Josh, and I decided it was getting late and made the trek back to our dorm. Hearing the sound of Grease calling, we went to Brian and Tommy’s room to find Carissa had managed to persuade the boys to watch Grease (it’s the blue eyes I swear). So we watched that and I decided that Rizzo is Chelsea’s spirit animal, Frenchy is my spirit animal, and Sandy is Carissa’s (look at me I’m Sandra D). I munched on Brian’s animal crackers (yum yum yum), but soon was getting rather tired so I bid adieu to mes amis, and flew up the stairs into the dorm room. It was freezing. Wonderful. But freezing. I was going to wait until Carissa came upstairs so we could write this blog post but I passed out! Not really, just fell asleep rather early *teehee*




Disclaimer:  I apologize to anyone who was personally offended by Maria’s grammar and/or horrid sentence structure and/or flow; she is not an English major.  I say this as she helps me with my grammar right now.  The irony.

– Carissa***


***also known as C-dawg


Healthy Habits *applause*

Carissa is in class until 8:30 tonight (which frankly is very upsetting to me), so I decided to start this post off then have her add her own section below mine. One of the first things Carissa and I talked about when we were getting acquainted with one another was eating habits, exercise habits, and study habits! Enjoy 🙂

Eating Habits

Since around the start of March, I switched from being your average omnivore to choosing the pescatarian diet. For those of you who do not know what it means, a pescatarian (also spelled pescetarian) is one who does not eat the flesh of animals with the exception of fish. I’m not particularly a ‘fish person’, but it’s a super healthy diet: salmon, tuna steaks, tuna salad, shrimp (I make some delicious fried shrimp – truly top notch), flounder, mussels, and occasionally crab cakes. I even found a new love for veggie burgers, and surprisingly I now enjoy them much more than I regular hamburgers.

Along with adopting this new diet, I cut out sodas (on occasion I would drink a root beer), mayonnaise and most sweets. You may be gawking at your screen right about now, but yes you read that correctly. However, I am not a soda drinker unless it is root beer so that wasn’t too hard, mayo was kind of a big deal, and as for sweets I made nice substitutes. Mayonnaise is my condiment of choice for most sandwiches or french fries, so that took a lot of self-control on my part. And instead of ice cream with M&Ms, I would have low-fat yogurt (yay for probiotics!) with mini M&Ms. This isn’t to say this kind of drastic change in diet is good for you, and it can be hard to make sure you still eat well. Substituting can be problematic in case you switch to a ‘diet’ or ‘high-fructose corn syrup’ version, which can sometimes be worse for you.

But eating well is imperative when entering college due to the dreaded “Freshman Fifteen.”  I lost a huge amount of weight when I switched diets, but after a week I gained a little back because I would eat a lot of avocado, which contains good fats. In all honesty, it is not about losing weight or even gaining weight; it’s about eating healthily and putting good things in your body.

Exercising Habits

I really hate exercising. I used to be able to go hours playing in the neighborhood with other kids and barely get out of breath. Now, exercise almost taunts me. But the trick with exercising is that there are 100s of different ways to do it, and most aren’t typical exercises. Back in Tennessee, the only exercise I received was through walking my dog, and walking to and from classes in high school. Over the summer, I found joy in riding my bike, playing golf with my dad, and going to the pool to do laps, which I never considered as exercise because I had fun! As of the third of September, Carissa and I have yet to go to the Health and Recreation Center for exercising, but seriously school work comes first.

I think something that is key for myself when I workout is loud music. If I blast my music I forget about how tired I am and just focus on the beat of the song. WATER. I never drink enough water, but since I have been here, I make sure to keep a water bottle filled up with water in the fridge. Hydration is one of the most important parts of good exercising habits.  I will probably make a post later on after we actually exercise (the one form of exercise I have done here is riding my bike around campus when I have far to go and only a 5-10 minute block of time), but for now I hope this helps.

Study Habits

I love studying. I love homework. I love going to class. I love learning. Yes, I am that kid. But it’s mostly because I have anxiety, and the thought of not completing homework or being unprepared for class is terrifying (I am not exaggerating). I was a little worried about how my study habits would change when I got to college, and they have changed quite a bit. Believe it or not, I have gotten more committed to completing my homework on time and studying more each night. Maybe it’s because I just yearn to do well, or maybe it’s the fact that I enjoy each of my classes (which makes the homework easier), either way studying has been relatively consistent for me.

This isn’t the same for everybody though, I know a lot of people that are having a difficult time adjusting. College means more work – no not busy work, but actually more work work. College also means the teacher won’t be there to hold your hand along the way, but the professors do have office hours, so if you need to have a question answered, they will be there (you have to go to them, though, not the other way around). Another important thing to keep in mind as you think about your study habits in college is that it’s all your responsibility. Professors won’t remind you, nor should they have to since you are technically an adult (assuming you are over 18). Regardless of your age, though, studying is important. It may not be your number one, but keeping it in your top five will ensure a smoother workload transition from high school to college. 

Hope this helps you, and if you have anymore questions, comments or concerns, I am more then happy to email you. Now I shall hand the metaphorical reins over to Carissa, darling. 





What’s up guys, how are you doing?

So let’s be real: there is no way we are all going to be as dedicated as sweetest Maria is, and there’s no way we will all be able to be as self-disciplined.  There’s no way we’ll have come to college fresh from losing a bunch of weight; I mean, if you’re anything like me and your high school was anything like mine, you’ll have just graduated your senior year with the unfortunate “Senior Twenty,” which is a thing that a friend and I coined when we realized we’d easily put on twenty or more pounds over the course of our final year of high school.

That being said, I’m sure you are all coming from loads of different backgrounds as well.  A little insight on me could give you a clue as to how different one person can be from the next, and I’m going to warn you to read with discretion because apparently Wisconsin customs are a little barbaric (still don’t see it).  

So in Wisconsin (as in other places) we do this thing called hunting, and we have legitimate seasons for it, we get off of school for it (as in the school gives us vacations for it), and we all totally and completely enjoy it.  It’s a sport at the same time it’s a necessity.  I’m sure you’ve all heard about Wisconsin’s unpredictable winters, and let me assure you that it is so convenient to have venison or bear burger in your freezer when there’s so much snow you can’t get out your front door or when the temperatures are so low your vehicles won’t start (I have not exaggerated once so far).  Yes, that means we sit in tree stands and kill deer and bear.  Yes, we eat them.  No, we don’t kill baby deer or baby bears.  No, we don’t kill them and then just leave their dead corpse rot in the woods.  Like, we’re not barbaric; it’s a Wisconsin custom and it’s so normal there that when I came to Indy and found out that everyone thought I was a total savage, I didn’t even know how to defend myself because I’ve never had to before.

There, now that you’ve been briefed, I’m going to get to my point.  Basically, I come from a place where meat is about as necessary for survival as water is, and when Maria came at me with this whole “no meat” thing, I knew that I’d be way out of my element.  However, it’s not something she’s enforcing, thankfully.  I have cut back on meat tremendously since getting here (I hope, anyway), and it’s never something I’m going to completely go without, but I’m trying to eat less of it.  And I haven’t had venison or bear since leaving Wisconsin and I might be having withdrawals but no big deal.

I can’t say I’ve completely cut back on soda as much as I’d have liked to; I probably have at least one can’s worth a day.  The good news is that I’ve discovered a delicious fruit punch gatorade in the cafeteria, so I’ll be drinking that instead of Dr. Pepper from now on, and hopefully that will help.  Did you know that if you completely cut soda out of your diet, it will help get rid of acne?  No?  Well, now you do.

As for the food, I eat one salad a day, usually for lunch although I should be saving it for dinner.  Breakfast should be your largest meal of the day, and normally it’s a good one to splurge on if you’d like.  You have a better chance at burning off those calories.  Just try to eat healthy portions; that’s probably harder for me than anybody because I was raised to eat until I was full, which means long after I should actually stop.  But once you get a pretty good flow going, you’ll become more comfortable with the new eating habits and hopefully, with exercise, you should be totally able to avoid the Freshman Fifteen.  If not, I mean dang, it’s your body.  The heart/stomach wants what the heart/stomach wants, and if that’s food, it’s food.

So those are my words on the subject.  My point is to care about your body and be healthy, but at the same time, your school work is important; your happiness is important; your general wellbeing is important.  Don’t let something like the fear of gaining fifteen pounds steer you away from being successful during college, because you will totally regret it when you’re sixty and everything begins to sag anyway.

With that, goodnight/good day.