Sometimes college is lame…

It’s Friday night of your first week at college.  

You’ve been hearing all week how amazing the parties are, and by this point you’re a little annoyed that you haven’t been invited to one.  So, you know, you take a shower and get all dressed up, spending a lot of time making yourself look, like, really nice (v nice).  You even shave your legs.  *gasp*  

You hear there’s a get-together involving food and (non-alcoholic) cold liquids on this ridiculously hot Friday, and you’ve got nothing else to do because remember, no party invites.  So you and your roommate (whom you’ve only managed to convince to come due to rumors of cookies) walk the good fifteen minute trek to the Health and Recreation Center where said get-together is taking place.  When you arrive, you find that unfortunately for you, there are bouncy houses — which normally would be okay except you dressed up, remember?  Which means a skirt.  Which means no bouncy houses for you. 

The only redeeming quality this get-together could have had was the food, and there weren’t even cookies.  Mini cupcakes?  Oh yeah.  Chick-Fil-A sandwiches?  Plenty.  But this just reminds you of the food you’ve managed to escape back home.  Oh, and what kind of cold beverages were there, you ask?  Coke.  That’s it.  Not even water.  Just nasty, syrupy Coke.  Your least favorite soda (and still no cookies).

So with your roommate pissed for dragging you to a social event with no cookies or decent beverages, you begrudgingly head back to your dorm (which you’ve now taken to calling home after just a week).  On the way, you bump into some pals (shout out to Brian, Jack, Andrew, Jake/Chad, Luke, Joe, and Tommy) who persuade you to play just one round of pool (because it’s not like you do that every time you’re bored already…*teehee*).  You’re still upset, but you do your best at kicking the boys’ asses (you don’t). *offended gasp from Maria heard in background*

Despite the awful beginning, your Friday night wasn’t amazing, but it was good.  And it ended sweetly in your room with your favorite person: yourself (just kidding Carissa, it’s really you).  

So just remember, college is not all about fun and games.  You will come back to your room tired and angry at all of the homework you have for the weekend.  You will be disappointed in the way your night turns out sometimes.  And you’ll realize you might have the Freshman Flu (poor Carissa).  But hey, at least there’re cookies.


Carissa and Maria

(No really, there are cookies…)


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