ACT and SAT *duh duh duhhhh*

So we got a request to post information about taking tests such as the ACT and SAT.

First of all, do not stress out. I, Maria, have testing anxiety, which means I stress out and get anxious and basically set myself up for failure when really I should remain calm, yet focused. I know it may seem like crap advice but really, not stressing out should be the first thing you remember when confronting these tests.

Second, practice does make perfect. It is totally cliche to say, but the more you take the practice tests, the more comfortable you will be (which will help you to not freak)! You honestly can never take a practice test too many times. There are tutoring places that specialize in ACT or SAT test taking, I went to two and it lowered my stress tremendously.

Now when it comes to actually taking the test itself there are a few important things for you to remember:

  1. READ EVERYTHING, nothing sucks more than missing that “not” in the question
  2. Pay attention to time.  If you are spending more than two minutes on a question, you need to guess and move on
  3. Answer every question!! There is no penalty for guessing on the ACT.  There are, however, points deducted for every wrong answer on the SAT.
  4. Eliminate answers you know cannot possibly be correct
  5. Check, check, and recheck (if you have extra time)
  6. Follow all rules. It may seem stupid to some, but do not – I repeat, do not – go back and change answers, look at someone else’s paper (which is stupid anyway considering people have different versions), or anything that could get your test taken from you and marked with a big fat 0

For more specific advice feel free to email us!

Good luck,



2 thoughts on “ACT and SAT *duh duh duhhhh*

  1. Thanks for doing this one 🙂 I have to take my ACT this year and I was kind of worried about it so I suggested doing this (through wattpad-my usernames’s harrypotternarnia97) and this really helped.

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