Maria’s Takeover *bloopbeeboop*

So I totally made Carissa talk to five, yes FIVE guys this evening in our lovely dorm’s basement (she kicked ass in pool, notttttttt– jk I love her v much).Tommy was one of my favorites just because he hated me when he first met me but almost immediately warmed to Carissa (it’s the blue eyes I’m sure of it). Shy, sheltered (sooo sheltered, but again I love her), adorable Carissa is branching out so much and it’s wonderful to see her grow. She’s kinda like a little sister to me even though she’s technically 2 years older than me at this very moment. *gasp* As a very outgoing, extroverted person, it’s next to impossible to NOT open my big fat mouth and yammer away. This isn’t to say that I get along with people, oh no,quite the opposite- Tommy being the prime example. Anyway, when I received information about my roomie, I was nervous. When I searched her on instagram and found out she was gorgeous I put my guard up (leave it to me to get a Barbie as a roommate). I never would have thought she would almost instantly become my confidant and companion.

I hope you enjoyed my sneak peek into our little world, i got myself some yogurt at target last night (morning? It was one a.m. so…) and I am starved.  Anyway my comments/posts will not be as formal as Miss English Major, but I hope you enjoy them nonetheless (and if you don’t, tell Carissa and she’ll take them down). Comment pls and ty




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